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TBWB's third full-length book, released by the SONM organization in Spain and distributed by Diego Marin in fall 2016, is his strongest and most wide-ranging investigation yet into the experimental arts. Over the course of 330+ pages, it traces the intriguing history of synesthesia and its influence on the development of human creativity and communication.

From the back cover quote by editor Francisco Lopez:

"Between the scientific / technical and the esoteric, synesthesia has remained a somewhat obscure and ungraspable myth, apparently of interest only for the initiated and Orphic-minded. A broad cultural history of synesthesia, therefore, is not only an intelligent and brave undertaking, but also a much-needed contribution to a proper understanding of a form of cross-sensitivity that seems to have influenced all sorts of artists and creators throughout the centuries.

From music to painting to film to computer art, from the archaic to the contemporary, from Nabokov to McLaren, from Blavatsky to Merleau-Ponty, this book opens up the gates of what I would consider the most intense and appealing form of 'multi / trans / inter-media': that which takes place *inside* the body."

A *very* limited numbers of author-signed copies are available through this web-shop (with personal dedication included if you choose so).

Perfect-bound, matte-cover book is 345 9.5" x 6" pages in length, and features searchable index, full bibliography, and tasteful illustration / layout by multi-media artist Susana Lopez.

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